Health Assessment

In an initial consultation you can expect to look at the past, present and future of your health, with an emphasis on your medical history, diet and lifestyle. During this hour we can uncover quite a lot, connect some dots and visualise where you would like to be while taking the first steps. 

In a holistic health assessment your whole body and mind is considered and highly related. So even if you are just wanting to heal longstanding sinus issues, we will also assess the following areas:

Gastrointestinal function & digestion

Immune function

Nervous system & cognitive function

Reproductive health

Cardiovascular health & muscle function

Skin, hair & nail integrity

Pathology & Functional Testing

You may be recommend a particular test based on your health picture. All test kits will be delivered to you to be sent directly to the lab. If you have any recent blood work results from your GP or specialist within the last 2 years, please have these with you.

Your Health Plan

From this information your personal health plan can be designed which we will discuss in your follow up consultation. This is generally done via a step by step approach where diet and nutrition are the corner stones of health and herbal medicine is an optional add on if necessary.  Any supplements prescribed are accessible for delivery via your personal log in.